St. Mary The Virgin Anglican Church

456 Curling St. Corner Brook

Dear Friends'

Just to make sure that all are aware of the Ash Wednesday Lenten Service tomorrow March 6th at 7 pm at St. Mary's Church in Curling.

For the remainder of Lent there will not be a mid-week Lenten Service at St. Mary's. However, we will observe Lent a little bit differently perhaps, still guided by the three observances of Prayer, Self Denial and Alms Giving.

Our concern is and must always be about "Outreach" to others/one another. Indeed we are always doing outreach even when we may not be aware that that is what we are doing. This Lent, I suggest that we mark the six Wednesdays of Lent on our calendars and endeavour to do an act of outreach, good deed in the cause of our Lord. It could be as simple as a telephone call to someone you have not seen for a long time and have been wondering what happened to that person. There are many people who are alone and may feel lonely at times and would love to have a visit from someone who worked side by  side with them in the Church long ago. Take a few tea buns and make a little visit, it would mean the world to that person. It would also be an opportunity to let one know what is happening at Church. You can think of other things to do this Lent by way of outreach.

With respect  to "Prayer" there is the Service of Compline in our Book of Common Prayer on page 722 and a form of prayer for family use on page 728. Once a week, Wednesday evening perhaps a family could use one or other of those forms of prayer and invite a friend/ neighbour to join in too. Most people would have a copy of the Book of Common Prayer at hand, if not we can find one for them.

I plan to be at St. Mary's for Maundy Thursday evening Service, April 18 and Good Friday Service, about mid-day April 19 and Easter Sunday Church Service, at the usual time April 21.

"Alms Giving" means giving for the needy and the immediate work of the Church. We might just look at what we are doing in that matter and see what more might be possible.

Have a good and meaningful Lent. I will be with you in my pastoral visiting and in St. Mary's Church each Sunday for the 10:30 am Holy Eucharist Worship Service.

Peace and Blessings,

Stewart Payne,(Priest - in - charge) and in support of St. Mary's Outreach representative  Person, Catherine Bourgeois who might be of help with "Ourreach" ideas. Feel free to discuss the matter with one another